Beyond Just A Belief

La Moda Sourcing plays a significant role in promoting ethical practices throughout the garment sourcing process at various steps.  


We promote environmentally sustainable practices in garment production. We encourage suppliers to adopt eco-friendly manufacturing processes, minimize waste and pollution, and use sustainable materials and resources.

This includes seeking certifications like GRS, RCS, Oeko-Tex, Bluesign, and GOTS that ensure sustainable and responsible textile production.


By implementing our traceability systems, we ensure manufacturers provide verifiable information, gain consumer trust, and drive sustainability. Through our practices, we overcome implementation challenges through data management, collaboration, standardization, and education which contribute to a more transparent and ethical manufacturing ecosystem.

“While the specific ethics required by a client may vary, we strive to uphold the common macro-level ethical considerations and practices.”

– Abdul Kaium (CEO)

Supplier Audits and Monitoring

We often conduct supplier audits and regular monitoring to assess compliance with ethical standards. This includes factory visits, social compliance audits, and inspections to ensure that suppliers maintain ethical practices throughout the production process.

We alleviate your manufacturing concerns, allowing you to concentrate on building your brand.